Compilator, formerly known in Ireland as TEAM Systems, is the sponsor of the Tyre Trade Awards.

Compilator was founded in 1995 by Anders Paulcén, who combined his experience from working in his family’s tyre workshop with his great interest in computers.

Compilator brought to market the first computerised tyre hotel in 1999, and is now the market leader for tyre trade and fast fit software solutions in Northern Europe.

Over the years, Compilator has developed solutions to continuously respond to new demands. It’s broad knowledge allows Compilator to understand your work day, as well as what drives your business.

With Compilator as a partner, you will always have access to an updated and easily managed system, with complete control of every step.

In September 2016, Compilator acquired Team Systems Ltd., and its affordable and easy-to-use solutions are used by more than 2,500 sites across the UK and in Ireland.

Compilator is focusing on development and innovation, assuring its customers that they will always be at the front of new technology.