Founded in 1987, Audatex has redefined global knowledge and data insight for the vehicle repair industry. It’s integrated technology solutions allows the company to connect bodyshops, insurers and service providers – empowering all to make quicker, smarter decisions.

Through its innovative software portfolio, Audatex ensures the highest standards of efficiency for the automotive, home and pet industries. The comany’s smart technology products and services are backed by one of the largest databases in the world, creating an unmatched understanding of customer and industry needs – now and in the future.

Part of the Solera group, Audatex has access to leading industry experts, enabling it to deliver a unique offering of technology, consulting and shared services. Supported by Solera’s rigorous data analytics and six-sigma process discipline, Audatex’s international presence helps it to identify successful processes worldwide and tailor them to benefit customers in the local markets where they reside. Trusted the world over and active in nearly 90 countries, Audatex processes more digitised automotive insurance claims than the rest of the claims processing industry combined, with 320 million transactions annually – equating to eleven every second. In order to continue to challenge expectations and deliver best-in-class customer satisfaction, investment is a key priority at Audatex. The company invests time, money and resources to improve its systems, shorten cycle times, reduce expenses and optimise efficiency.

Its ongoing programs of both data and product development keeps Audatex one step ahead of the curve, so that its clients always have access to the most advanced solutions in this inter-connected world.

Audatex’s mission started in 1987 and will continue into the years to come – to develop its expertise, apply its experience, and provide intuitive solutions for all the industries it enters, now and always.